How She Does It

Mon, 01/20/2014 - 21:00 -- rickiya


How she does it? I don't know.

But still I try to understand how she... 

How she manages alone.

All alone she is able to provide..

To provide strength where I am weak

To provide hope when I am in despair.

To provide...

She takes the emptiness life throws at her and instead of sharing with me that emptiness,

She replaces it with love, joy, laughter.

She takes the emptiness that she was left with 

And gives her daughter more.

She, if nobody else, loves me

She, if nobody else, cares for me

She, if nobody else.. is willing.

How she does it? I don't know 

But one day..

One day I will find the answers to a not so simple question and do the same. 


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