In the absence of all presence I had her beside me.

Alone in that room.

Passion and doom.

The mood is warm.

The old oil lamp would suffice for light

in light of circumstance,

enhancing were the emotions.

First, the feeling came in her stare.

Those lustful eyes, my beautiful demise.

It was as if she could see right through me.

My mind a window to my passionate intentions.

Intentions that acted on her bodily permission.

My hand on her face sent a warmth through my shell.

What dwells within, surfaced just then.

Away from the mind my fingers traveled.

Into unknown waters, ‘twas her mysteries I unraveled.

And in my palms, her twins I cradled.

Beyond the boundary of silk and lace

I saw the face of a new monster: mindlessness.

Off into the void went my morals and conscience.

With my golden scepter I stole her innocence!

A crime with no recompense.

When the deed was done,

flushed faces stared in agony.

Denial of what was done

set in, and then…


Tears of joy or sorrow, I could not tell.

But what was prevalent, was the swelling

of fear in my heart.

Plan B?

There is no Plan B.

Not according to her and not according to me.

The next progression took nine months to end.

How could I send this child away?

I’m his father, she his mother.

To be loved by another is no option.

Life as I had planned is not like the present.

But the opportunity to stop was always present.


Not really. I love my son.

But can the same be said by everyone?


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