Life is Hard

Life is hard

You get up and get knocked down again

Again and again


Why is it that things must be this way?

Tears rolling down the young girls face

Her mother just died.

You mean 11 years ago?


But the pain is still there

She sees it everyday in her own face

The face that's aged with 17 years


Years full of tears, arguments, and harebrained schemes to get her dads attention

His love

Maybe even his affection and 4 words from his mouth

"I'm proud of you."


She's never heard them

She's happy just to get a hug

One longer than 7 seconds

You know, if she's lucky


People tell her he tries

"Your father doesn't know how to show you he cares."

"He really does love you. I promise."

She's heard it all


She has no one

Friends too busy to say hello

Family on the other side of the country

If you want to include the ones that don't talk to her

Her brother doesn't even do that. But he doesn't depend on her anymore either

Or talk to her

Or say he loves her every night like he used to

It's the curse that comes with teenage years 


But she'll be gone soon

Off to college on a single parent salary

And a gut full of fear as she leaves the house she grew up in

She knows she'll get used to it


But it's all a vicious cycle

She gets to start over

Then work harder than everyone else only to fail

She'll cry and stay down for a bit

Then get back up to try again

It's life

Life is hard...


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