from where i stood


From where i stood, Tecate Baja California.

20 feet from the line.

20 feet from a different world.

from where i stood all was mine.

i step across that fence and I'm swirled.

i turn around and see rich American soil. 

i look down and see poverty. and pain.

but I'm slid forward with a passionate oil.

this world where i stand hasn't been blessed with the rain.

i walk to my temporary home.

I'm bum rushed by little brown eyed smiles.

and for a moment, I roam.

in the thought of the voice thats called me away all these miles.

7 days. 168 hours. 10080 minuets later.

I'm back on the rich soil side. 

my views now a little straighter.

and now there is something new i cannot hide.

a new look on the love we still hold.

for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

i was shown hearts of poor still rich as gold.

from where i stood. i was given a chance never too be priced.





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