Beauty Is...


Beauty is in the rain that falls near my window,

Creating and casting a peaceful glow.

Beauty is sanity in a world of chaos.

Beauty is living without regretting a loss.


Beauty is friendship and the way that it grows.

Beauty is drifting from a friend when the opposite way your destiny goes;

Because letting go is beauty too.

That is the way you know that your friendship was true.


Beauty is a wedding day with the excited bride

Beauty is the teary-eyed father at her side.


Beauty is watching a life fall apart

And then helping the pieces come back together.

Beauty is the healing of a broken heart.

Beauty is also in the scars and their wisdom that will remain forever.


Beauty is laughter and hope intertwined.

Beauty is the act of being selfless and kind.


Beauty is in tears;

Happy or sad.

Beauty is seeing the good in the midst of bad.


Beauty is fear that is conquered somehow.

It begins with learning from yesterday and living in now.


Beauty is respecting yourself.

Beauty is realizing you wouldn’t be better off as someone else.


Beauty is a chocolate and the way it melts in your mouth.

Beauty is melting into a hug with someone you can’t live without.


Beauty is a rainbow that comes right after the rain.

Beauty is happiness that arrives after pain.


So now that I have finally written all this,

I truly understand what beauty really is.

Love is the best word to describe it in the end,

Whether its love for yourself or for a friend.

Love to make it till the day we die;

Love to go on, love to try

Love is a virtue that makes life worthwhile.

It’s what makes us last through all the trials.

Because of love, upon our faces can be a smile.


Beauty is a gift sent from above;

Beauty is created and encased with love.  













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