More Than a Tumor


Cancer: such a short word.

Hidden within those six letters comes a lot of meaning.

In between the C and the A is a big thing called faith.

Faith in God,

Faith that everything will come together for good.

In between the A and the N there is hope.

Overflowing, abundant hope.

Hope that everything will be alright.

Hope that He has given.

Between the N and the C there is love

The unconditional, everlasting love of friends, family members and from our great God.

Between the C and the E there is a deep appreciation.

Appreciation of everything and everyone God has blessed us with.

And between the E and the R there is peace.

Peace which you could never imagine unless you have experienced it firsthand.

The sense that everything will be alright.

Cancer is defined as “any malignant growth or tumor caused by an abnormal and uncontrolled cell division”

Honestly cancer is so much more than a tumor of the body.

Without faith, hope, appreciation, and peace, cancer becomes a tumor in your entire life.

It consumes you unless you have these four things.

Cancer: such a short word

But inside those six little letters there is so much more.

God is trying to show us His love if we would just stop feeling sorry for ourselves, pay attention and listen.


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