No Time

There is no time for us,

watching the clock on the wall,

waiting for something to happen,

for excitement, encouragemet, and motivation,

but nothing happens,

just the sound of the clock ticking,

over and over again.

Then all of a sudden, something sparks in you life,

an unusual change has occurred,

and you're afraid to let it in,

because it's love, and love can have bad endings,

as you heard.

Then something inside of you starts moving,

and this feeling won't stop,

so what is stopping you?

Is it the chance of getting hurt?

because time is ticking and it won't stop,

and there is only a limited of time before its gone.

Time waits for no one,

and whoever is hanging on it, gets dragged,

so make a move, and think fast,

before your future leaves you.


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