Where I'm From


I’m from Monopoly

From the Game of Life.

I’m from Sister, Sister

From the world of CatDog.

Games and fun is where I’m from.


I’m from the sweet sound of summer glistening on the pool

From the falling of leaves in the brisk days of autumn.

I’m from the winter with a fresh crunch of snow

From the warming of the land in the rising of the spring.

Upstate New York is where I’m from.


I’m from “listen to your mother”

From “go ask your father.”

I’m from soccer practice with Dixie

From baseball with Wayne.

Little league sports is where I’m from.


I’m from Amish carriages

And miles upon miles of farmland.

I’m from tourism

From the Finger Lakes Wine Trail.

The middle of nowhere is where I’m from.


Knowing Felicia is looking down on me,

I look at pictures to remind me of where I’m from.  



My favorite part about this poem was being able to look back on my childhood and my hometown to describe where I come from.  Writing this poem was a moving process and allowed me to gain ideas on how to get the students in my future classes (when I become a teacher) to get to know one another!  :) 

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