The Words That Changed My World

We’re a group of girls with very different minds

And on Wednesdays I walk into that room, and leave behind

All the stress that comes with being me

I have trouble with focus, she’s OCD, but in the end, that doesn’t really matter,

Because what matters is what’s said on the Wednesdays where we meet.


The first time, I heard: I am not alone

And the second time, I saw how words can change the world

Words are power, words are pain, words are everything in between

And our words can change the world


So we sit at lunch and we talk, and sure, it’s just words,

But somewhere I heard that word can change the world

And my world has changed because I’ve begun to realize that it’s ok if I’m a little behind

And not the best-graded student in the class

I’m me, and we’re us, and we’re different and talking about how we can get the word out,

So other kids won’t feel like they’re alone

Words are hugs, words are love, and sometimes words are enough

And that’s how our words can change the world


And now, I don’t lose sleep, worrying that people what will think

When I go to that room for Learning “Disabilities”

The Wednesday Words have changed me, and now I am proud

To stand up in front of a class and say

“I’m different, and that’s ok

I’m different, and that’s never going to change

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Because words have changed my world.


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