Tears in the rain ..


A tear flowing through the pacific river and crosses the valleys of hearts


Rowing through hurt, and pain arriving to peace and love realizing. The flow of life is the life you make in the


 Palm of your hand, it creates the boundaries and destiny’s that a waits for your future.


I’m gone, not lost but I vanished in to the hopeful clouds, hoping it swallows me up and suffocates


 , and ruins my memories, of the deepest darkest secrets.


I see the tears in the rain, shine maybe even glow, the memo of recognition. Do you realize how


   Far you have come? Do you see the mistakes you made turn in to glasses the breaks and shatters?


In to mini pieces that you sweep up, and disposes them as if you just took out the trash. Do you


Remember now or not. Why don't you remember the good but remember the bad, did you trash the wrong




Oh no! The tears in the rain have disappeared because they found a home in the clouds, why don't we


Cheer be glad, scream and maybe even shout. Ha-ha did you doubt, yourself in the process of


Forgiving and reliving. The tears in the rain vanished because your heart is no longer in pain

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