Moments in life only last for short seconds

But they can permanently transform to unforgettable flashbacks

The edges of her eyes crinkle when she sees her sister

But her eyes waterfall when she recalls the moments that she misses her

A specific date and time brings her to the basement

Finally seeing her sister brought to her face a glow of amazement

The glow quickly faded when she saw the marks

There were fixed red dots on her sister’s arms

She choked up and felt like she had a throat full of cotton balls

Tears ran down her cheeks like Olympic runners following their coaches’ calls

Screams of “how could you?” and “do you even care?”

Escaped her mouth and were followed by a glare

The physical marks that she saw at that moment were only temporary

But the mark in her mind is something she will always carry

These moments are thought of to only be in movies or dreams

But for this specific night and this specific girl, they are reality


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