Small Steps to Happiness

Strive to wake up before the rest of the world.

Watch as the sky paints a picture of a new day

Watch the birds chirp a new song

Watch the earth come to life before your very eyes


Strive to document everything you do.

Buy a diary and a pen

Write down every thing you do

Every date, every meeting, and every coffee you buy

No detail of your life is too small


Strive to change up your routine.

Reorganize your room

Reorganize your furniture

Reorganize your closet

Donate things you don’t use anymore to people who need them


Strive to become the person you would ideally fall in love with.

Compliment people on anything compliment worthy

Walk with your head high

Smile at strangers

Challenge yourself to not deride anyone


Strive to enjoy the little things in life.

Feel the warmth from the sun on your skin

or the warmth from your blanket straight out of the dryer

Light your favorite scented candle

Read a book about something that really interests you


These are all small steps to happiness


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