Hold the Phone!


United States
"Hold the Phone!"
Floo-flop” chimes the phone,
On the drive home.
What text could it be,
That you just have to see.
Is a tweet to two followers
Worth the wreck?
Is the risk of collision worth a “texting conversation?”
Is this the standard we hold for this nation?
Does it take sight to stay in a lane,
And would a head-on collision elicit pain?
Or could the “hey whuz up” or “LOL” wait?
In an instant, instant messaging becomes instant death
Or worse-homocide.
But a lifetime of which loved ones’ pain will never abate.
With just one little tweet or text,
In the obituaries, you could be next.
Never again to live, talk, laugh, or—text.
You see, Algebra, cafeteria food, and AP English III
Have reason for fatality, but not technology.
Arrogance or ignorance do not immortality make,
So for everyone’s sake,
Here’s the deal—
This is For Real.


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