Mine eyes have seen the coming

the comming of many things,

But as things pass by my eyes

they become many goings.


My feet know many back allies

that have kept me off my trail.

I've walked them and experienced them

with little to show.


But the knowlegde worth getting is worth the long road.

I've traveled with many that too once strayed,

and many companions that walk in a strange way.

I've travelled with a friend

Once or twice.

And even less often

With someone who walked like I.


The Journy is what matters

each travesty and quest.

the song that's sang the story that's told

because each end is the same


The Stars are my map

the wind sings where to go

My feet know the safest ways

Such keen ability to stay on track

yet to wander is the way

Didn't I say it was the journey?

The journey makes us who we are.


So get lost and travel to all you never knew

Join the caravan of aquaintances

Make camp those who are friend

and learn to tell them from foe.


Travelers be wary of those you entangle paths

whether highwayman or friend,

they stall you on your way.

Pass them by if the road becans your name,

Like the ocean's call to the sailer's heart.

But if paths should entangle,

embracing uncertainty with a smile,

join in high hopes to the end,

but remembering each journy is his own.


Journey far young Traveler

and feel what it is to be free

Be the author of your story

your pen a walking stick,

the companions made characters

the trail you choose the pages

and each road a chapter

in my story of life.





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