Sun, 01/26/2014 - 19:31 -- ajoslyn


I get what i need, for things people would not only understand but look at me weird. I am not a troubled child, but descretely unusual. Blood is intriguing only when not dripping out of me, souls deteriate as he looks at me, stares me in the eyes. Many wouldn't believe my stories, what i have gone through. They just see a pretty girl, with a pretty smile, and an honest to god laugh. Demented is not a word suited for me just only meniacle, smart, and a loving heart. Shadows haunt my dreams I wouldn't call them demons cause they are worse then just the biding of him. His nonchalant smile, the beauiful brown eyes he uses to charm, that curled piece of hair above his forehead full of temptation.They all call him satan or devil but I call him darling, honey, babe, sweetybear. His temptations lead me to love and thoughtfulness, kind and caring, smart and cunning, sneaky and deceptive. I do all I can prove things to people to change their minds. Psychologically its deteriating them molding them to something they are afraid of, me it changed me, changed me into something that I understood something I was meant to become....something more than what they tried to train me to become. All i needed was him.


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