Saying Goodbye..

Saying goodbye can be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. 
Whether you are saying goodbye because of death or because of other things.
Goodbye is saying adios to someone you know. 
Someone who may or may not mean a lot to you.
Goodbyes can be painful or just a reality check.
It can be a goodbye until next time, or a goodbye that ends the times.
No matter what, that person walks out of your life.
Whether it is temporary or permanently. 
Saying goodbye in a relationship is hard.
You love the person so much that it hurts
Everything reminds you of them.
Whether it's a song or a place you've been together.
A phrase can remind you of them and all the times you've spent together.
They may be good memories or the ones you want to erase.
Saying goodbye doesn't erase them from your thoughts.
Saying goodbye just releases them from your life.
That doesn't mean you won't miss them. 
That you won't miss the inside jokes and late night conversations.
It just means you won't have them anymore.
The memories can flood back at a moments notice.
They can overwhelm you and make you cry.
But eventually the memories will make you smile
You will smile because you can say, it was meant to be.
You were meant to meet them and be with them.
It just wasn't meant to be forever and always. 
The reality of it can be harsh.
Realizing that the person you wanted the fairytale with, is no longer yours.
It takes time to know that it's for the best.
Sometimes you just have to remember all the good times.
You still have the memories and no one can take that away from you.
You can always make new memories with new people.
Your memories are yours and theirs.
No one can erase them.
You will always share those specials times together.
Even if you aren't together anymore.
The memories hold you together.
Even if you can't be with that person.
The memories will not fade.
Even when the bond does.
Never forget that there is always a plan.
Maybe not one you want or agree with.
The plan is what's best with you.
In the end you will be happy.


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