This Will Not be a Formal Conversation


First off this will not be a formal conversation Mrs. “This assignment will count for 30% of your grade.” You think that I wont make it in life if I don’t read this old ass photocopied Shakespeare novel. You try and convince me everyday that this class is about learning when in reality, Its about memorization. I only have to remember what your telling me until that test comes up, and I pass. After that you could care less if I know who the hell Mercutio is or even if I know how to get to Verona’s streets. I have your whole game figured out. Second of all this will not be a formal conversation Mr. “A^2 + B^2 = C^2” Please explain to me how in Gods name am I going to use Pythagorean theorem as a dam Lawyer. Why is it that you feel that if I advance to Pre- Calculus in my freshman year of high school that i’m some sort of genius. I’m going to school for music, where does Sine, Cosine, And Tangent fit into: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, or Do. Don’t worry i’ll wait. Trust me I will live my life just fine not knowing what the hell the Unit Circle is. Apparently my mom did because she couldnt help with last nights homework. Third of all this will not be a formal conversation Ms. H is Hydrogen and He is Helium. Will the periodic table of elements influence the way I answer phones as a receptionist? No. Yeah I thought not. The only thing I need to know is that H20 is safe to hydrate me when i’m thirsty. I am more than 100% sure that all I will need in my kitchen from that table is Na (sodium) and Ca (calcium). I’ll only come in contact with Cl (chlorine) in the summer time at the pool. Otherwise, trust me there is technology that notifies me of a Carbon Monoxide leak in my home, so I won't need to know much. Excuse me Mr. “open your books up to page…” Aren’t you guys suppose to be preparing us for our future? Well then why the hell are you holding me hostage in this room decorated with corney posters of dead presidents, and going on and on about the horrific things they did to earn their stripes. I mean no disrespect but the only dead presidents I ever want to see are the ones that are tinted green and laying in between the folds of my wallet. Every year we learn about some old white guys and how he did this and that to spark a war. The people who “discovered” this country were in fact thieves who stole it and stole people from other countries, and force them into slavery. Who wants to reflect on the horrible things that those people are known for. Why can't we learn about what the beautiful people of Africa were doing before they were ripped away from their homes. What America was like before the Europeans came in and invaded the Native American way of living. I’ll answer, because they didn’t teach you about it either. Limited education is what I call it. I know enough about the history of “Americans,” as they call themselves. I want to move forward to make a difference in the future so that in 30 years high school students won't have such a depressing history class. Watching Movies about what we couldn't do back then isn’t a motivator to change the world. Why am I even talking to you Mr. and Mrs. “Teachers don’t make a lot of money, im doing it for the enjoyment,” you don’t care what I do outside of your classroom.  This isn’t about the knowledge anymore. School isnt about the satisfaction of knowing that they can’t take your education from you; We’ve lost that as human beings. Its about temporary memorization, telling the student that we can have that luxurious life if we sit in this desk and hear what the person at the board is going on and on about. Not telling the student that they may not get that life no matter how hard they study or memorize because schools are failing to prepare them for life itself. We don’t know how to apply their algebra class to their taxes. We don’t know how to budget for college. We dont know how to read for the knowledge We only know how to read for what it says to look for on that paper that is worth 5 points, but we need it for class credit. We know how to copy our partners work because we were to lazy to actually do the assignment. So Fuck you Mr. “Its not my job to make you learn,” Mrs. “Its up to you to do the work,” and Ms. “in order to pass the class you have to do the work.” I want to meet Mr. “You’re not failing this class at all”, Mrs. “ I didn’t go through the longest night of my life planning this lesson for you to sit there and not listen,” Ms. “Im not dumb I know you guys won’t read the chapters I give you so we’ll make it interesting.” Creativity is the key right? Or did you not memorize that in your years of “Learning.” Lastly this will not be a formal conversation.

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