There is no fragrance more compelling
than the trace of a cup of coffee,
raw umber mixed with ivory,
dancing together until they are one,
as daylight shows its head.

There is no feeling more tempting
than encompassing your body
in toasty sheets afresh from the dryer
as the crisp air brushes your skin,
stupefying your toes.

There is no sound more pleasant
than hearing a loved one
call your name with pure delight,
when the day insists on lingering
for far too many moments.

There is no taste more appetizing
than the first snowflake fallen
from the first winter snow
as the world turns white
beneath our ever moving feet.

But there is no sight more magnificent
than stirring in the middle of the night
to find a face and frame so close,
taking in all of the immaculate features
that compose the one I call my own.

No, nothing compares to that.


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