Peace be still 
That is what The Lord said
To the storm 
That storm they passed through
All the waters calmed
The sea obeyed 
And nature was at rest.
Traveling in life is hard
like on the sea
When the pieces of you are being
Snatched out from under you
Like a rug from the floor
or a tablecloth from a table,
You can still pick them back up 
God can take the broken pieces,
Like tooth picks snapped into a million pieces,
Glue them back together and 
Snap them back into place.
Like Lego blocks, they're fun for some to 
Play with 
Yet painful for others to step on
And you can stack them over & over
Yet, When they fall, they separate again
So grab the super glue called faith And hope 
and jam those pieces of you
Back into yourself
I don't think you want to leave them off for long
Because without the proper parts, machines don't
Function properly
That storm that you're going through is merely 
A detour
You will not stay there long
Don't let your life be
Burdened down with guilt
Because once you give in, you're
You can't hand over your
Sanity to someone who wants
Only to see you at your best, 
Maintenance & construction are
Allowed for old buildings &
They are needed for the
Building to stay in
Excellent shape.
Do some rebuilding.
Stop and think
About the amount of days you spent in the dark.
Don't forget to turn on the
Flashlight you've always had.
Shine the light on your face to show the
World your divine beauty.
And if you are scarred,
Show off your marks
Because nobody should want to tame
A leopard.
Take back what has been taken away.
But remember mere mortals can not
Do it alone.
Your backbone has been removed
And now you are wobbly
But God has your spine in
His hand and he's using strings to hold 
You up like a puppet.
He will not let you fall, but you
Have to obey him to 
Be pulled in the right direction.


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