Changing Mentality


How can it be that when I see a tree,

I see life in it's purest form and beauty.

Yet you see a tree and all you believe

is that it's taking up space.

I can't believe the human race!

"Let's trash this place and move to space,

because it's better. No one knows why,

but it sure is."

How can it be, that only I see

it is WE who ruined this place.


Move to space, but leave me here.

You'll be back in a number of years.

With the same complaints you had from the start

"We can't live far enough apart,

our cars won't start,

bad health is clogging up our hearts!"


How can It be, 

that only I see

WE need to change our mentality.

Because a tree is not just a tree

But the very essence of life. 



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