Another Angel Sent Above

There you are.

Lying peacefully

in your own

cloud like bed.

How peaceful and relaxed you looked.

No more struggling.

No more suffering.

It kills me to see you this way.

Thoughts circle around my head:

No longer will I see you riding around in your wheelchair,

going out and about at the crack of dawn,

conversing over the phone from so far away,

or even seeing your face again.

You left me with just a bunch of memories

floating crystal clear in my head.

You had a hard, yet wonderful 73 years.

Now you have been granted access to a more tranquil place

where your illnesses will fade away

and you meet your true love again.

You are another angel sent above

and are watching for all of us down here.

Goodbye for now, my friend.

Until we meet again.



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live to write

you write to live

let you voice be heard proudly

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