The Greatest Journey


Thank you,

For taking me on grand expeditions

From porridge to pigs,

From Hollywood to Hogwarts,

From werewolves to mockingjays.


Thank you,

For the ability to create with my mind

The clarity of an imaginary image

To precisely fit the description where there is

No need for a visual interpretation that is not mine


Thank you,

For your sturdy texture and strong binding,

The creak of the front cover 

As it is opened for the first time,

The new book smell I’ve grown to love.


Thank you,

For the wise words of advice I see,

The life lessons I have been taught

And the mistakes I should stay away from.

Experiencing the odyssey of a character’s uphill battle


Thank you,

For taking me on grand expeditions

From dwarves to Dr. Seuss,

From the past to post-apocalypse,

From Junie B. to Aibileen Clark.


And I will continue on this...

The greatest journey.


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