A Black Boy

A black boy was killed,

Shot dead in the head,

And the nation went up in defense.

“The murderer was provoked”

“He was acting in self defense”

They said.


Now the situation is ‘tricky’,

The stories don’t line up

“ I saw the boy on the bottom”

“I saw the boy on the top”

Fingers pointed,

Theories becoming loosely knit

“The man was getting pounded on”


Not a bruise to show for it


Murder is murder.

Whether on purpose or on accident

Time deserves to be spent

So he can let his actions rot in his conscience

He knows what he did.

In fact we all do.

Yet in the nation of red, white, and blue

He is somehow seen excused


I have a black brother,

In fact I have 2

And if something were to happen,

God forbid.

I’m scared to wonder which side the nation would be on.




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