Better Roads

Wed, 11/20/2013 - 13:01 -- Ronaful


For I have wasted 12 years

For do not get wrong of the educational experience

Just time better spent would be simple

Being the little time we have on this planet

To actually doing something with our lives

Our parents wanting the best education for us

Us wishing that the next year will be better

But as you get older you start to see the end

Moving on, changing, never stopping

The mark at the end of the road

When you come from simple highschooler to college student

College student

What an interesting four syllable phrase

It makes you think of parties

Maybe a higher education

A well payed job after

Or even a new experience

With each passing day you see it getting closer

Yet you simply choose to ignore the fact and stay in the present

Hoping, wishing, even begging to stay where you are right now

Sometimes panicking about you will do after high school

But sometimes you know what you want

So onto better roads we all must say

Finding a little home to call our own

Hoping to make a difference in the world

No matter how small or how big



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