Collectible Choir

The voice isn't coming from vocal chords
In fact
It's not something living
Nor does it have veins and spine

The voice is still coming
Pounding its melody through the canals of hearing
Dependent upon my hand to make it work
No mind of its own

The voice varies from one to another
Each with their unique qualities
Like us
They too have soul

I haven't heard a new voice in a while
They are all at home
Kept away from mischievous, purring beings that rule my land
Craving to sing

I wonder what the next one will be
If there is ever going to be one
The voices miss getting new ones added to the choir
To be frank, I miss it too

I only have one here with me
In my new home
I brought it forgetting it was one of the voices I had at home
I turn the knob

The voice resonates through my small humble space
I feel my childhood loves again 
Only for a false five minutes


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