I looked her in the eyes,

Saw nothing to my surprise...

All the pain she kept inside,

Vandalizing her heart,

Crushing her soul,

Stealing her inner thunder.

It just made me wonder,

How's she still standing?

Demanding to die,

To escape the lies,

The horrors of her own thoughts?

I couldn't believe she smiled everyday,

Pushing her fears away,

How does she do that?

I need to know...

But I knew I would never get the answer from her...

 I stood there tears freshly dropped,

Cheeks unbelievably flushed,

Starting at those eyes,

And to no surprise,

I finally realized...

She was my unforgiving reflection.

Then the rage took over,

I squeezed the blade in my hand,

I punched her...that stupid reflection.

The blood filled the cracks of the shattered glass,

I fell to my knees,

Still allowing my hand to bleed.

I cried for hours...

Stood thinking in the hot shower,

Slipped into bed,

Ending all thoughts in my head;

Just to start the process all over again.


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