Relationships? Seems Legit.

I am only seventeen and I might not have one clue on what a good relationship could mean, but observing what I have seen between multiple people around me, I have created a list of things that a relationship needs to be. There are six of them.


The first part is attraction. Whether it be a dimple or a smile, long hair or money, attraction will make or brake the relationship. You should base your attraction on chemistry or interest not their shoe game or the sports they play.


The second part is closeness. That’s the bond that develops when you share your thoughts and feelings. Like eachother's mother's name, brother's name, birthdays, work dates; you get to know the person better. This is where most high school students engage in something that will always impair a relationship.


This is where most teenagers decide to make a really bad decision of adding sex into the relationship. This is where it fails. You’re doing something at 'stage two' that you should be doing after stage three; commitment. A teenage boy is reaching his sexual prime at this age. When a girl gives him the time of day, he wont put in as much effort into reaching the next stages. So the 'relationship' is stuck at level two. And what makes it even worst is that good sex only makes a bad relationship last longer. So you’re stuck in this flirtationship and sometimes its not that easy to get out of it.


The third part is commitment. Knowing that the both of you are in it 'til its finished.

This is by far the hardest stage at our age. He has his friends talking about her, She has her friends talking about him, and with all the gossip being told, the thing that everybody does to spoil the relationship, is talk about things within the relationship outside of the relationship. That’s breaking trust and having doubt.

When you are doubtful, commitment is broken, and things can only go downhill from there on. This is a token for disaster. You put your business out in the open for anybody to control it. When problems and emotions are spoken to the outside, privacy is gone.


If, for some strange reason, your relationship passes stage three, then stages four, five, and six will come easily. Stage four is learning to give and receive. The relationship becomes “we,” not “I” or “Me.” Stage five is revealing true feelings. This is where you should be say “I love you.” not in stage 2. And finally, Stage 6, Listening and Support. This is a long-term stage. This is where you want to be, the top of the hierarchy. As long as the lower levels stay strong, the top will blossom and grow.


As I said before, I am only seventeen, what do I know. Maybe this little list I've conjured up could be absolutely nothing at all. But in my opinion, these are the stages of a healthy relationship and they seem pretty legit to me.

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