Fear bumped past me in the street

Whispered my life's nameless defeat

Left me on my knees

Telling me I'm never gonna please

Terror crept into my room late last night

I watched paralyzed, too weak to give a fight

It bound me to my nightmares

Made me remember all my errors

Fear locked me away in the dark

Took a knife to my skin

Left countless jagged marks

For every single damned sin

I cried out for help

Fear muffled my screams

Left me in hellish dreams

Abandoned me to myself

Fear hid my soul in solitude

In a cage with bars so crude

In such wretched isolation

Whispered suicidal deliberations

I was given a drug of horror

I craved it so, my own soul tore

Forced to love my bitter misery

Fear gagged me, kept silent my history

Terror abandoned me to nothingness

Swore I would always be meaningless

Turned his back on me and left

Stuck in a cruel, mocking cleft

One day I dragged along

Forced to pretend I was strong

Held at gunpoint by a demon

I was Fear's play toy, just for fun


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