Let Me


The guards stand at attention
At your perpetually locked gate
Breathtaking irises construct a barrier
And at the lens I must wait
Let me in to dive into your bloodstream
Allow me to swim amongst the red 
I know of the torturous, yet silent suffering
Let me in; let this cure spread
Let me inside
Let me wander amongst your teeth
Allow me to dislodge every wrenching word
Let me dictate your tongue; let me guide your speech
Let me venture under your skin
Let me ghost across your tortured surface 
Smoothing goosebumps from within
Rescuing a pleading soul from its demonic furnace
Let me cross your threshold
Grant me access to your mind
Oh, how I've wondered of the treasures
And of all the demons I might find
Let me into your dreams
Let me suffocate your despair
Let me eradicate the splintered pain
Of every crack beyond repair
Let me savor your every hope
And choke the power from every fear
Let me attempt to help you cope
With the suffering that's signed every tear
Let me dive into all that is you
Jumping without hesitation
I swear to do all things possible
To shield you from further devastation
Let me blanket you with salvation
Let me seep from your every pore
Let me peel back every masking layer
Until love has stripped you to your aching core


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