Y.O.W.O so this is my one chance.

Write about anything I want?

does it need to be in a certain font?


Your letting me choose?

Wow, I'm going to loose.


Who wants to listen to me?

Why don't you go talk to Robert E. Lee?


Nothing about this has facts

That's something I truly lack,


I'm not used to being asked,

At first it seemed to be a simple task,


Then I started writing,

I think my brain needs more lighting,


Is it possible I have writers block,

Why won't ideas answer my knock,


Am I starting to see inspiration,

oh, wait, that's just pecipation,


I thought this was going to be a walk in the park,

instead it feels like I'm contructing Noah's ark,


I wanted to make this poem a piece of art,

Too bad I wasn't fitted for the part,


What if I end up a winner,

Then I'll announce it at dinner,


But what if I'm a loser,

Thus this poem is a s total snoozer ,


For college I wanted more money,

To go out of state, honey,


If all my effort is a flop,

I'll guess I'll try for TOPS,


I don't like Louisiana's education,

I want to go somewhere better in this nation. 




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