We Write to Live

You Only Write Once

Why does this matter?

Why do I care?

Why would my generation hashtag and share?


For starters we live 

in a technological age

where every word, thought and idea

is written on a social media page.


We write to share our story,

words to express who we are. 

Without writing,

would our words go as far?


Secondly in school,

our teachers read our work, our papers

to see what we have learned

or what we can improve on later.


We write to prove ourselves, 

words to represent our knowledge.

Without writing,

would our work be acknowledged?


Finally, one life is all we have

to recognize that our ideas have significance,

To truly understand and appreciate

that they contribute to our existence.


We write to explain,

words to represent why we matter.

Without writing,

would our ideas remain after...


After we've died, after we're gone,

after we've lived and then moved on.

Would our words stay behind?

Or would our words carry on?


You only write once

is the action you take

so that your words and ideas

are the impact you make.



Need to talk?

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