American Dream?

Sun, 12/29/2013 - 00:33 -- canixon


Having to be in no particular place- Yes, you read that right. What a superb sensation! We must scurry to our destination.

Everything is superiorly sufficient- When is the last time you heard that? Each home was a powerful palace Its frame dwarfed your own. Adventure was around every corner and you simply smiled. Look at us though!  I know I am cultured for I am hard to please. Boredom is high-born. Didn’t you know?

Imagination is a must, even if it doesn’t lead to a future trust- Now you have gone too far! Follow your dreams, but abandon ship if they are not vastly viable. Every button is a jewel, every sheet a secret fort, every cushion a throne! But look at us! We have truly collected cache! Sixty-Five hour work weeks ! What could be better? It’s necessary. You don’t understand.

Everything is attainable- Well isn’t that adorable! Scenes, stories, strategies, stages. I keep my head down, and they tell me I’m happy. Can’t you see it is true?

Nothing is excessively silly- That is fine for you, but not for me! Enjoyment, and eeking with enchantment. No, I must impress inhabitants I scarcely know and hardly like.

As we age a sad thing happens. We begin to believe the lies the world washes our brain with.  The lie that happiness will be attained if we work hard enough and amass a little bit more. Haven't you noticed? Enough is never enough.


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