Far from equality

Mon, 12/23/2013 - 16:31 -- rcelbon

Maybe we could educate men

That no always means no

And I guess we could educate women too

That it's not your fault

What he did to you

Even if he was your boyfriend

A random stranger

Even a husband too


Because that is something she'll deal with

For the rest of her life

The "you were asking for it" myth

and the agonizing strife

of people telling you he couldn't help it

he's actually a really nice guy

and it's because he was so lit

he thought that "no" was a lie


And maybe at some time

We'll get to a point

where streets will have no crime

and girls can walk the street

safely with no fear

not being thought of as meat


not being cat called in the mall

or treated as dogs

or ads pinned to the walls

stating that girls need to dress

differently, so as to impress

but you can't show too much skin

and if thats not enough stress

you must always be thin


But if you dress too well

you're trying too hard

and they'll give you hell

if they think you don't dress well enough

and then they tell you

since you're a girl well you can't be too tough


It's the way they portray women today

And the way that women don't have a say

in how we take care of our bodies today


this stereotype is what we must stop

because when it comes down to holding a mop

or running a business 

or opening a shop

we can't do less

than any man that I see

and that's why we need equality
















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