Life's Path

Sat, 01/25/2014 - 14:15 -- koppa16

Two paths both different and alike.

One was dark with footprints in the dried grass.

The other was filled with vegetation and light.

I took a glance at my past,

Hoping my future would be just as bright.


 I pondered the first,

With it's overgrowth shielding the sun.

Was it really worth,

Abandoning my dreams to follow the sum?


I turned to the second,

And I felt a little flutter.

I seemed to be beckoned,

My feet were as light as butter.


My footsteps left a mark,

But the man's with me did not.

On the road I will always remark,

As the beginning of the life I sought.


The winds and turns of my journey,

Barely start a worry.

For I know the sun will light my path,

And success is close enough to grasp.




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