I can begin to see it now, the little ripples in my cup

that form a smile, a ladybug climbing up my window sill-

in the sunlight, just trying to walk and live


an elderly wife putting a spoon in the mouth of her shaky, gray-haired lifelong love.

my fat, brown dog that loves me so, and i return the favor as i kiss her wet nose.


those frickin tasty little mint chocolates wrapped in silver that they give you at Olive Garden

or the giggle that slips from our mouths when a siren comes by and every dog in the

neighborhood assembles a chorus of howls 


...not everything is bad

some people hurt me, but some people don't. 

there's good in everyone, there's just those who hide,

and those who take it out for a drive. 

life holds a lot of beauty if we look past the economy, and the government, and all the materialism & gossip

peel it back, there's a power that wants us to see, have this grace spilled upon us. 

We must pick it up and squeeze a few drops in our hearts.... so that we can spread it around. 

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