Dystopia in Disguise


Paramus, New Jersey
United States

Blue skies and green grasses,

Evergreen and oak and apple trees.

But damage caused by the masses

Lies beyond this dystopia in disguise.


Picture perfect white houses, sports cars, and planes,

Fresh air polluted by smoke from chimneys and fuel exhaust.

Bountiful gardens with flowers of every color,

Pristine grounds littered by waste.

Picturesque icebergs and glaciers

Melted by excessive warming.


What does the future hold for Planet Earth?

Creatures big and small struggle with each breath,

Strangled by the claws of the atmosphere.

Everyone will need gills to survive,

With land enveloped by water.

If we don’t do what we can to protect the environment,

We may no longer have a planet to call Earth.


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