Scourge in Silk

Sun, 11/17/2013 - 01:31 -- g8grace


Question the way you live,

What meaning do you give?

Answers never there,

not even in evening prayer.


On one unforgivable day

you will have the chance to stray.

Before you make the mistake

to join the devil at the stake

you will see the price you could pay.


Into the web you shall go

if you are sent to the world below.

Regardless of their creed

they have committed a terrible deed.


 Unable to rest in their tomb

 Their pain will resume.

 Perhaps you will change your course

and relinquish the role of dark horse.


There is no need to worry,

for you are not alone on this journey.

It is just a peek inside

Aragog will set the stride.

King of the eight legged furry.


The spider will be your guide

and leaves no place to hide.

Embrace your ultimate fear

this journey shall last a year.


On his back to the first strand

you see those who disobeyed command.

To betray those who lead

a century to endure is guaranteed.


Instead of a stab in the back,

red flames turn strands carbon black.

Encased in a coffin of silk

burning only relived by milk

a tonic which they lack.


Along this path you will see

the couple known as Adam and Eve.

They did not trust the lord.

His only request they ignored.


They reach and yelp,

but you must not help.

The wedded blaze is waiting

for those who enable the hating.


You picture your boss at work

although he is a jerk

and at times unjust

He is a leader you must trust

to continue as a loyal clerk.


Along you shall travel

to witness the web unravel.

As you approach the center

 you will meet the pretender.


The innermost strand is the end

you will meet those who bend.

deep down you will crawl

into an everlasting pit thieves fall.


Cold, wet, and full of fear

they can be certain the end is not near.

Each wall is unique

yet all divides seem bleak

the regions vary to most severe.


Those who steal time

are just as guilty of crime.

As they descend away from light

strapped with watches on notch too tight.


Look across and you will see the abuser

Stabbed by the words of the accuser

Cover your ears to Chris Brown

as he receives a beat down.


Speak not a word

here only silence is heard.

Liars devour tainted tongues

falsity burns their soiled lungs

unable to expel the poison incurred.


An opening will appear

to those who adhere.

Aragog climbs through the hole

through the spiders that patrol.


Was the answer you found

 deep down underground

 enough to keep you away

from the temptation to stray?



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