Reminder to Nurture the Spirit


I wrote this in a beautiful wooded area in Tzfat, Israel. The connection and depth I felt there was my inspiration.
I write for you on this day
To remind you of the spirit
That longs to find its way
Home within the shelter
Masterfully built
Around the delicate flower
That may flourish or wilt
If left alone.
The heart, too, may forget
The truth it’s been shown.
So, bring with you always
This memory of Earth and Sky,
Blended together so perfectly
That the soul must then oblige
To the source.
The source may seemingly
Take you off course,
But who’s to say
That’s not the way
It’s meant to be?
There is freedom in believing
In purpose and meaning,
Following the truth
The heart is always seeking.
You know.
You know just what to do.
The body’s just a vessel for God to teach everything to you.
So, as you continue to go forward
And move on-
Bring with you this moment of peace
And never let it be gone.


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