Fri, 01/10/2014 - 21:01 -- BrookeM



This poetry thing,

It’s not really my deal.

I’ve always been envious of you who can feel.

Who can spell out emotions, be open and raw.

Who can twist words and create emotions in readers of all.

But Dad, here’s the thing,

I’m no longer gonna be small.

I’m gonna get big and strong and tall.

I’m gonna follow my dreams.

I’m gonna save the world.

I’m gonna “kill it”

I’m not gonna fall.

Stop trying to trip me and adding obstacles.

I will fight


I will struggle


I too, will become raw.

I may not become who you want me to be

But you see,

I found this new motivator,

Maybe it’s not my thing,

Maybe I need to flop at first to be seen.

But maybe I can speak my mind



I can do more than just be.


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