Forgive and Forget



I dont think it ever mattered to me.

It never mattered how I use to take care of you when you should have been taking care of me.

It never mattered that I would wear hand-me downs as you strutted down the street.

It never mattered how I felt to be worthless inside because you chose him over me.

But what did matter was when I felt completely decived.

I had no idea why I had been the one to take care of you, or why we had no money for me, or why you stayed with a man so ignorant and self intrigued.

I had not realized the pain I was in until I grew up and recognized all your sins.

Many say forgive but never forget but I was to younge to understand what that meant.

I had never forgave and lived a life of hate

but soon forgot when I was awoken at 5 o'clock.

The news we all would dread.

I was alone with my thoughts just laying still, in bed.

It came time for me to realize I should have forgave you for all you had done.

Because you were my mother and I only had one.


                                                                              Amber R. Carrasco



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