Where I've Come From


I am from destruction,

Destroyed emotions and abandoned kids.

I am from dirt soup,

Long summer days

Soaking in the sun,

Playing in the lawns,

Finding my friends.


I am from books,

With sleepless nights

Spent as another person.

I am from summers,

Spent with seagulls and sand.

I am from a family with a set of mirrors,

In a city where history is alive.


I am from bluegrass and horses,

Pig roasts and bonfires,

With so many strange faces,

yet all my own.


I am from XU,

from books and IQ's.

I am from cruises and chief ngineers.

I am from love woven into sweaters.


I am from  time,

From Doctors without a name.

I am from spaceships and aliens,

And a man whom death cannot take.


I am from people who tore me apart

And left me to bleed.

I am from a savior,

Resuing me from all-encompassing blackness.

A savior I wish

Was there all along.


I am from coffee

And tall grass

With imagination gone wild.

I am from siblings galore,

Shouting to be heard.


I am from families

With many strange faces,

And memories lost to the winds of time.

I amf rom memories damaged in fights still going.

I am me.


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