"Childhood Memories"


Kids are laughing…

They see nothing but, joy.

Elephants, tigers, monkeys are just roaring.

As the children stand in amazement.

Spinning in circles, smiles everywhere.

Running through dry grass to this tall roller coaster.

So little and surprised.

Smiles are everywhere…

Clowns, stick people, freak-shows are just roaming.

Jumping around me.

Screams, I hear seeing the roller coaster at the top.

I can’t help but smile.

All of their faces, laughter just rushes out of each little mouth.

We swing and dance around and around we go.

Spinning, watching time slow down…

I can’t help but laugh with them.

“Will you go up there with us?”

I look up to see the ride…

I nod, holding hand in hand.

Together we go on the ride.

I laugh softly seeing their excitement.

Kids are laughing…


And so am I.


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