Once, one day, I had nothing to do,
So I decided to talk to you.
I couldn't have imagined, I couldn't have known,
That this was the beginning of a friendship anew.
Slowly we got to know each other more,
Until it was you I did adore.
I really liked you, but I didn't know,
If you wanted me to be yours.
I couldn't hold my feelings in,
So I confessed the feelings within.
Though your feelings were not the same,
Our friendship stuck through thick and thin.
Then one day, you had to leave,
And I didn't let you see me grieve.
I thought it'd last, but our friendship faded,
And I realized that I was naive. 
Before I didn't know you, barely noticed you, 
But now I'll always think of you,
I smile, remembering how our friendship was unplanned,
And wish I'd made more of my time with you.



Inspired by someone who was once really special...

Miss Independent

This is incredibly sweet! I really like the way the story layout flows & ends articulating current feelings.... beautiful poetic story of love!

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