The Last Night

The Last Night 

Her little bird bones grasping for comfort

Against one golden laden ring

The story book life coming to a close,

Now rediscovered by those left behind.

For little blue aquamarines can only shine for so long,

Before shutting off the lights and slinking back home.

Little girls catch frail shuddering wings,

Pinning them against a cheek or two,

Spindles of structure cold against life.

The tiny claws too close to comfort

Would never dare to rip the flesh

But rather raise the worm to her young.

Words tumble as barren as the activity around

Fallen by the glass armor worn by those surrounding,

Little blue veins still flowing, but only in strife.

So now to reveal our intentions to retire,

This is goodnight and not goodbye.

But something in that soul still sparked,

Speaking to us,

A tear or two to roll and fall

Admonition of our last night.


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