Abstinence vs. Ignorance

I believe in abstinence,

but I don't believe in lies.

We shouldn't tell our kids

that if you wait till marriage, you're fine.

We should tell them the horror stories -

how a pregnancy can change your life

We should tell them about STDs

and how sex can become a vice

Leaving the education to parents

seems like it would do

But sometimes the parents

can't even get their child in the room

I may be for abstinence,

but I'm not for ignorance.

The most important moment of your days

could be the day you give it up.

Why let us think

that sex isn't corrupt?

Sex was made to be of love

and now it's changed

Sex is just fun

and we've only got us to blame

Hollywood glorifies the idea

that sex is a beautiful thing -

it is, don't get me wrong,

but it can be something that stings.

For many, the physical attachment isn't enough

For many, emotions come into play

and when your heart and your mind are in with your body

you think it's meant to be that way

but if it's all one-sided

you're bound to get hurt

Sex isn't just physical,

it isn't just getting up a girl's skirt

I am for abstinence,

I think you should wait.

but I'm not for ignorance;

and it surely isn't too late.


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