Mankind and its Twist


Mankind and its Twist

Leaking plastic roofs,

trashed up sidewalks,

corner gang crews,

worthless talks.

Growing up in a coined term of "the hood,"

and being thought to never hit the books.


Walking through the streets,

letters all on the wall in some type of abstract art,

graffiti art in LA,

that's the shit I like.

There's a twist.

Is it a firework or a gunshot?

News report, its a gunshot.

Everything was so peaceful,

the beauty of the nature,

the nightmare of mankind.


Losing myself in my numbers and books,

no more can I see the damage being done to the earth,

rather shall I visualize the earth in a fantasy of words.

A divine power gives us splendor,

a mortal power gives us a natural disaster.

Day by day,

unfortunate events occur

and day by day,

I keep growing up in this world of mankind and its twist.



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