Nothing Closer Than Your Blood


Blood is the strongest bond.

You've heard the cliche, but it's right.

There's no other possible way that I can explain it,


I didn't have much growing up.

What I did have was a big, loud, sports-loving, Italian family.

That's all I needed.

I didn't pay attention much in Elementary School,

But my family taught me more than I could ever possibly learn in any classroom.

I didn't have many friends.

But my family brought me love and support to show me that blood runs thicker than water.

I didn't have any confidence.

But my family taught me to not care what people think.

I didn't do well in school, at all.

But my family was still there to support me, and help me.

I didn't have everything I could possibly ask for.

But my family taught me to enjoy the little things, and to cherish the memories.

I didn't have anything to lose at one point.

My "Rock Bottom", before the age of 10.

But my family made me laugh and smile even when I didn't want to.

My family has been with me through everything,

with me on every decision I make in life.

They raised the man I am today.

I only have my family to thank for who I've become.

I love my FAMILY.


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