Remember this

And Remember it well

For it may only be remembered once


Look at me

What do you see?

A silly girl with ambitions?

Or a bright girl with expectations?

What do you see?

A perfect angel?

Or horns hidden behind that halo?

What do you see?

Your little girl?

Or your all grown-up one?

What do you see?


Or imperfection?

Just know this

Your little girl is far from perfection

She tries her very best

But can seem she goes nowhere

She tries to be on her best behavior

But has to be crazy sometimes

She tries not to fight

But she has a nasty bite

She knows she loves you

But do you?

So what do you see?

A selfish girl?

Or a loving one?

Just know this

Her love is never too far away

When not shown it still remains

When times are tough it stands strong

But Remember

Always Remember

That her love will always be there

So remember it well

For it shall always remain

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