Inner Princess

Sometimes I feel like a princess
Not the kind in the movies and books 
That sit around hopelessly doing nothing
Waiting for Prince What’s His Name
The kind of princess that doesn’t need a knight in shining armor
But secretly desires to dress up like one
She isn’t afraid to pick up the sword 
And fight her own dragon to escape
 The type of princess
Who can rule the kingdom on by herself
The kind who doesn’t need a million ladies in waiting
Because she likes to do things on her own
The type of Princess who likes running around
In sparkly dresses and fancy Tiaras 
But she also loves dressing like a peasant 
To sneak out of the palace walls unnoticed
The princess who’s not afraid to speak her mind 
Even if that means hurting someone
 She has never having read the old torn book of life
Because she decided to make her own book about her
She doesn’t always play by the rules
Because she is rebellious one that breaks the “Princess Rules”
To be her own person
To makes her own mistakes in life. 


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