Stained Glass Masquerade

They enjoy chiffon dresses of blue and white

Ribbons on hair of straw

People made of China's best porcelain

Painted with faces bright and white...

 Little houses and little steeples

Made of plastic with many people

Glass Eyes of all bright blue

Hollow insides that are transparent too

Their hearts appears like glowing red lights

Just like their Christmas which comes every day and every night

Beautiful Botox among every face

With red pursed lips that are ready for life's kiss

Eyelashes that batter with pride

Hourglass figures among them all that never die with time

 Just like the time, their heart ticks

Tick tick tock tick

never changing as the hands pass

just like the waves to their porcelain children

Filled with laughter,

Fueled with joy,

What on earth could there be to deny?

Who has thoughts on the land of the plastic?

Who has minds, on a world of felicity?

Who would give up their stand in society?

Living among The. Stained. Glass. Masquerade.

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